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Wonderfully weird mechanical models by UGears

Buy it, build it, watch it go

Click through the eclectic selection of mechanical models by UGears and you are bound to find something of interest. Even if only for the novelty of what you see. You’ll see all manner of buildable wood models designed in a “steampunk” fashion. Most, if not all, will work in some way after you have constructed them. That’s why there’s Gears in the logo. They make a surprisingly great gift for anyone.

grandprix car mechanical models from UGearsThe Grand Prix car above and at left will drive off when activated. The visible engine has pistons that go up and down. Rubber-band treads on the tires have surprising traction.

Building these models is relatively easy and makes a great family project. Online instructional tutorials will guide you through the process. They are novel enough, strange enough and fun enough anyone.

Just remember that they are made from wood. The pre-shaped pieces detach easily from their wooden “trees”. No glue is needed to assemble any of the mechanical models. No batteries either.

Talk about variety!

wood morgan mechanical models by UGearsClocks, cars, trucks, tractors, Christmas ornaments, a globe. STEM models, a hurdy-gurdy, a butterfly, a royal carriage and a windmill. There’s lots more too. However, we’ll just tempt you with vehicles. At right you’ll be able to construct a car that looks just like a Morgan. Appropriate because Morgans, to this day, have wood frames. The car steers and moves along a pretty good clip too.

wood convertible mechanical models by UGearsIf you like old cars, but American muscle is your thing, here’s a fine American convertible that looks somewhat Fordish. The doors open, as does the hood. Under the hood is another visible engine with pistons that do the thing that pistons do. If you find yourself in the rain, roll up the windows and flip on the wipers! Flip the front seats forward, and passengers can enjoy the back seat. Use the column-mounted shifter to pop open the trunk where you can power up this monster.

Keep on truckin’

wood fire truck mechanical models by UGearsIf you are motivated by trucks, here’s a good one. The fire truck at left dates from the early 1900s, but the UGears technology is thoroughly modern. The engine whirs, the wheels steer and the ladder goes up and down. That ladder can be spun in the direction of the fire. The crew can drive back to the fire house when the fire is extinguished.

There’s other trucks too, from old to very current.

Every one of these mechanical models by UGears will delight and amaze the whole gaggle of folks that will gather around you. That gaggle will giggle at the sheer fun of something you had a hand in assembling. And that’s the whole point.

See the whole selection of mechanical models by UGears right here.

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