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Vintage gas station clocks for your car cave

It’s almost time to spring forward

dad's garage neon clock from classic neon clocks vintage gas station clocksVintage gas station clocks have long been desirable to collectors for their functionality and funky retro art style. You can find the original articles at auto swap meets like the huge events at Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and others like it big and small. Many time worn vintage clocks will need some kind of paint or electric restoration to achieve a perfect result. Of course, you can do the sometimes costly restoration work or just leave the clock in an unrestored but working condition.

Many with the time to do that work will definitely reap a very satisfying result. If you don’t have the time though, look into some of the reproduction clocks shown below. Most are lit in some way and others feature neon lighting too. There’s certainly a huge amount of subjects to choose from. Gas, oil and part makers, current and vintage car makers, airplane themes, beverage and food, and some just plain fun.

Clocks range from 14″ to 24″ in diameter and battery-powered. The neon examples require plugging into the wall. They all would look great in the garage, workshop, office or den. 

Most of all, these vintage gas station clocks will keep you on time (or remind you just how long you’ve been buried in your car….)

While looking around at clocks, remember to take a look at the many thermometers available. Like the clocks, they have the retro styling that makes all of this so much fun. Unfortunately, thermometers remind you why your feet are frozen blocks of ice or why the puddle on the floor looks remarkably like you….

Where to find vintage gas station clocks

We found a great variety of clocks for this article at classic neon clocks, retroplanet, and jack and friends.
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Gallery of vintage gas station clocks