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UOP Shadow racing collectibles

also Celebrating an American racing phenomenon

The UOP racing team competed in Can-Am, Formula One and F5000 in its relatively short life with relatively little success. But what an impression they made! Below you’ll find a nice selection of UOP Shadow racing replicarz shadow modeluop shadow racing collectiblescollectibles that give a but a snippet of the blazing color they brought to the racing series’ they competed in.

The first go-kart sized Can-Am car stunned the unlimited series that thought only wings were revolutionary. The car was never competitive, but it reached its goal of being a missile on the straights. Later versions of Can-Am Shadows brought little success until the champion 1974 DN4. That’s the Replicarz DN4 model at right in 1/18th scale.

Branching out into Formula One competition, the cars were often very fast but fragile. Alan Jones would score the only victory for the Shadow F1 cars long after UOP had left as a sponsor. A version of the F1 car was adapted for F5000 racing in the USA, but they never won a race with Chevy or Dodge power. They sure were colorful though!

retro gp shadow revson sweatshirt UOP Shadow racing collectibles

retro gp shadow pryce tee uop shadow racing collectiblesSome of the best UOP Shadow racing collectibles are wearable. From Retro GP comes two shirts of note. On the left we have a two-sided shirt that pays tribute to the late Tom Pryce, who competed in F1 for Shadow. On the right is a sweatshirt that celebrates the late Peter Revson, who also raced for Shadow in F1. There a couple of other tees to choose from.

If you find yourself needing protection from the elements, Retro GP has a lightweight jacket that includes an attached hood as well.

retro motoring shadow tee2 uop shadow racing collectiblesFrom the similarly named Retro Motoring comes another two Shadow tees. The team tee (right) displays the UOP Shadow logo and the Shadow man himself. Also available is a team tee with another take on the colorful stripes that Shadow would come to be famous for.

ebay shadow tee uop shadow racing collectiblesThe last tee is one I found on ebay and this might be the best of the bunch! The shirt at left features the stylized Shadow logo used at one point on another black tee with the signature red to white color bar used in F1 and F5000.

retro motoring uop decal uop shadow racing collectiblesMore goodies!

Retro Motoring also offers up two decals. At the very top is the standard Shadow decal and at right is a UOP logo. Combine the two for the full team name.

retro gp shadow phone case uop shadow racing collectiblesIf you find yourself in need of a protective cover for your cell phone, go all-in on UOP with the phone cover offered by Retro GP. It comes in several sizes to protect many brands of cell phones.

last corner Shadow DN5 uop shadow racing collectiblesLastly, our friends at Last Corner offer a wonderful art print of the UOP Shadow DN5 F1 car as it raced at the British Grand Prix on the Silverstone track. A map of the track enhances the illustration to good effect.

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