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The Old Irish Racing Transporter Collection

Dioramas within dioramas

We’ve taken a look at the Old Irish racing dioramas in the past. The inspired creations of Jerry Liudahl are just a joy to behold. He’s obviously toiled countless hours to create a beautiful miniature world of racing atmosphere that rings true to reality. This time we’ll drill down on the Old Irish racing transporter collection.

The Old Irish Racing Transporter Collection

Mr. Liudahl is quite the artist/hobbyist/racing fan. He has provided a ton of inspiration for many of us who have similar characteristics. Racing transporters are getting some needed attention from model collectors and model manufacturers alike. We explored the terrific transporter collection owned by Steve Erlichman previously here. Mr. Erlichman concentrates on 1/43rd scale while the Old Irish collection spans several scales from 1/87th to 1/18th.

Marvels unto themselves

Transporters have been intrinsic to auto racing since the very start. Basic lorries with race cars as the payloads gave way to more specialized trucks. Some resembled buses suitably modified for the purpose while modern transporters evolved from your basic tractor/trailer to a long-distance garage/workshop/office/motel/billboard on wheels. You can see that evolution in the Old Irish racing transporter collection.

The Old Irish Racing Transporter CollectionWhat’s nice about the Old Irish collection is that the transporters become a focal point enhanced by the race cars and humans around it. Certainly you could put the transporters et al into a wider diorama too. Mr. Liudahl has done that in fine style also. 

Note that most of the transporters in the Old Irish collection have been modified from whatever he started with. Good modeling skills and some knowledge of decal creation would be useful if you want to duplicate various transporters Mr Liudahl has done.

Putt around the various teams he has modeled with endless variations on the transporter theme. If you have not explored this area of collecting before i’ll bet that you are now!

The Old Irish Racing Transporter CollectionSomewhere in your own collection of race cars you have some that would look great with a transporter behind them. Many of the transporters in the Old Irish and Erlichman collections are now old enough to need a long-term strategy to find them. 

You can readily find the older Eligor, Conrad and Old Cars transporters on Ebay, but the Exoto transporters will be harder to come by and at a much dearer cost. CMR, Spark and Premium Classixxs are much easier to find. IXO continues to produce modern transporters concentrating largely on F1 and endurance teams like Porsche. Arena still puts out kits and builts mainly for rallying teams. The more obscure and ancient transporters will be a much tougher get though.

So there you go

You can see the entire (breathtaking) Old Irish racing transporter collection here. Once you take a look at the possibilities within your collection, I just know you’ll be speeding over to many diverse websites to find out what’s available right now.

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