The 2023 NNL East Show

Another model car building showcase

2023 NNL East ShowThe 2023 NNL East Show was held again in Wayne, New Jersey and was another great look into the minds of creative and talented model car builders (also trucks, motorcycles and Winnebagos). Centered largely around 1/24-1/25 scale plastic models, there were notable exceptions as resincast modeling expands its reach and allows more scales and some obscure subjects to be modeled.

The big picture

This was the first NNL Show for me since the Covid outbreak. The NNL shows are not the judged type. Rather it is held to celebrate the plastic model building skills of entrants that come from far and wide.

As someone who deals in the intricacies of smaller scale models, it was easy to see why this type of model is so popular. For one they are easier to see while building them up. Lots easier to find and purchase as well as easier to get any number of detail parts for. There are an abundance of resin kits to be had now in these larger scales too so it may not be necessary to describe one’s hobby as building “plastic models”.

Never mind that Tamiya makes “plastic models”.

2023 NNL East Show

There was a little bit of everything

You would think that most of the models would be American vehicles simply built to a very high standard or customized to the hilt. Or in just one scale.

2023 NNL East ShowYou would be right and wrong at the same time. The standard of building ability was very high indeed. Outside of a few “crashed” NASCAR models I did not see a clunker anywhere.

There were plenty of race cars of the drag racing type and oval-track racers of many descriptions. Roadracing fans like myself were pleased by the array of Can-Am and LeMans/IMSA sportscars. Dioramas were in attendance too,

Imposing truck models in very large scales were here too. Plenty of farm tractors also in both pristine and weathered conditions. I spotted a moose model but could not see any wheels anywhere.

Seeing is believing

I could go on and on about the models at the 2023 NNL East Show but a bunch of photos would probably satisfy your curiosity a heck of a lot better.

Official NNL East Galleries here.

More model stuff here.

Even more cars here.

Two photo galleries from the show

2023  NNL East Show Photos 1 

2023  NNL East Show Photos 2