The 2019 NNL East Show —Plastic Fantastic

Notes from my trip to “the other side”

annihilator michael hensley 2019 nnl eastIt was great to see what’s up with plastic modelry at the 2019 NNL East Show in Wayne, New Jersey.  I started my building journey with 1/25 scale plastic model kits like so many neophite model builders. It’s truly a wonderful time with fantastic kits now coming from all over the world. Add to that a massive cottage industry that offers a wide variety of high detail kits, detailing parts and transkits. With all of that, you can now achieve almost anything you’d like in a model. 

The 2019 NNL East Show is annual and is a top tier regional model car show. Entrants come from near and very far to display their creations for the joy of the show attendees. Though it’s a non-judging show. There’s many different classes for models, including military vehicles, all types of race cars, customs and dioramas.

lotus 99 lewis gonzalez 2019 nnl eastIt’s a multi-faceted event!

There’s one very large room with long rows of tables on which to display entries and two other large rooms filled with vendors. They offer kits old and new, custom parts and paint. Resin, photoetch and custom decals are rampant. It’s staggering how far the hobby has come since my youth. Huge detail is routinely packed into current kits. What you can then add to the kits brings things up to a far higher level.

I could go on for a long while but pictures tell the real story. There’s 3 galleries for an idea of what was there. The names of the entrants are included was well. You can view Gallery 1 below.
Gallery 2 here
Gallery 3 here

Official NNL East gallery here
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Gallery 1 of 2019 NNL East Show models