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Tee designs by Andy Blackmore and Randy Owens – Racerhead Gift Guide

They’ll look good on your favorite racing fan…or you

We explored funny tees in a recent Gift Guide article. This time we highlight designs by Andy Blackmore and Randy Owens.

911 generations tee by andy blackmoreTees by Andy Blackmore

Two designs by Blackmore are Porsche oriented. The first is a mash-up of 911 slices from the past to the present. It works very well and highlights the continuity of 911 design while improving the breed over and again. The design is available on a black or white shirt. 

Passing Time tee by andy blackmoreThe second design is a riff on the “Hippie” Porsche 917 from 1970. Using a purple tee is nicely used to create the overall car colors. The 917 and the new 918 Hybrid are going in opposing directions old from new.

Both designs are pleasing to eye and are available from Full Torque Gear. Check out the other Blackmore designs as well.

green tee by randy owensShirts from Randy Owens

If you’ve been following Owens’ site, his attractive apparel line has been missing in action. Randy explained that his apparel line inventory is frequently taken on the road to events and so fulfillment from his home base is very difficult. As the event season slows dramatically at this time of year, he has placed some of the shirts back on his site.

black polo by randy owensMr. Owens has used his formula car swash design as his logo. It features on several items. His popular tee design is shown here. The car is embroidered on a good quality seafoam green tee. 

The same design is shown here on a “performance” polo in black. Also available on a Coast Blue shirt as well, the shirt is designed to wick moisture away from skin. A great feature out in the open at any race track or just as well anywhere else.

The race car design is also available on a men’s or women’s jackets and 1/4 zip shirt as well.

You can see the whole collection on the Randy Owens site.

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