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Takuma Sato edition Indy cars in 1/43

Japan-only releases

ixo sato kv racing sao paulo10 Takuma Sato edition Indy cars in 1/43I was aware of one IXO “Lotus” release in the series of Takuma Sato edition Indy cars in 1/43. The others pictured above and below were recent surprises. Several “Lotus” versions plus a more attractive KV Racing IRL Dallara were made. There may be others in the series as well, although these are the only photos I could readily find. Also made are the newer Dallara car that Sato won with at Long Beach and two different versions of his Indy winner. At the top is his “Number 1” salute version; however I believe these later Dallaras are made by Greenlight although the base looks the same as the IXO releases.

These models look very good, though the IRL is a dirty word for me. A pox on Tony George for screwing up Indy racing for many years. It’s just recovering now, but it will take a while to make the series as good as the CART series was. 

These models may be available on ebay, or if you are adventurous, on alibaba in China.

My best advice is to move very quickly on these. You may have to re-mortgage the house or sell your Ferrari for a few of these.

Good luck!

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