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Takuma Sato 2020 Indy winner kit in 1/43

If this is 3D printing, sign me up!

Brickyard Takuma Sato 2020 Indy winner kit 1/43Spoiler alert: the new Takuma Sato 2020 Indy winner kit in 1/43 is brilliant! The kit is by Brickyard Models from Japan. Like most Japanese model kits, it’s a work of art. 

The body is off-white resin while the tires are pre-printed rubber. The vac-formed aeroscreen is super-clear and there’s a small sheet of shiny photo-etched steel. The rest of the parts are super-clean white metal. The instruction sheet is an 8.5″x11″ color sheet with CAD diagrams showing assembly. The only reference is for decal location. Obtain lots of reference from the internet of things.

Brickyard Takuma Sato 2020 Indy winner kit 1/43Two sheets of decals are provided, each protected by a thin sheet of clear plastic. The decals are superb. Even the smallest type is crystal clear. Brickyard has even supplied two sets of nosecone decals. One is the normal way and one is split in two to go either side of the nosecone aero splitter. There is the tiniest amount of carrier film around each decal. Even the seatbelt decals are the right size!

A two-tone paint job will be required, so use Tamiya masking tape. It’s the best I’ve ever used. A rattle-can paint user such as myself will be able to use Tamiya TS93 Pure Blue over a coat of TS26 Pure White.

Brickyard Takuma Sato 2020 Indy winner kit 1/43Precision personified

A test-fit of a few parts reveal the CAD-derived origin of the parts. They fit. The body needs a little clean-up around the edges, which should take little time. Picking nits, the spokes of the wheels will need just a few short minutes of clean-up to achieve perfection.

About the hardest part of prep, and I say this with some joy, will be to drill out all appropriate holes as needed.

The Japanese are well-known for beautiful presentation with minute detail in all things. This kit is no exception. Tires are correctly printed using red for the right side tires with red and white on the left side. Five tiny screws requiring a tiny Phillips screwdriver secure the bottom pan to the body. Look very closely and you will see the tiniest of details baked right into the parts. The aero splitter that runs up the nose and down the tail is there via photoetch.

Brickyard Takuma Sato 2020 Indy winner kit 1/43The steering wheel is an accurate representation of current digital dashes. A decal is provided for the central readout panel.

I’ve seen some truly tiny parts on 1/43 models before. The lever which secures all seat belts together on the real car wins the contest for teeniest part ever. Don’t sneeze while assembling this kit anywhere near a shag carpet.

Want a kit? Act fast

It’s a limited production kit. Very limited. Previous Brickyard kits have disappeared fast.

I obtained my Takuma Sato 2020 Indy winner kit from Grand Prix Models in Britain. You can get one here.

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