Rainer Schlegelmilch: Grand Prix Fascination F1

The work of legendary motorsport photographer Rainer Schlegelmilch has been featured in several books compiled from his vast archives. This book covers Grand Prix races from 1969-1993, which takes us from the cigar-shaped age to the V10 age.

Vintage gas station clocks for your car cave

Vintage gas station clocks have long been desirable for their functional retro art style. You’ll find the originals at auto swap meets., but if you don’t have the time for the hunt, look into reproduction clocks. Most are lit; some have neon lighting. Subject matter includes gas, oil, current and vintage car makers.

Cars and coffee cups

I can’t enough of cars and car racing. So when I arise in the morn, all sleep-eyed, nothing gets me going faster than a strong cup of java served up in an arty mug decorated with…cars.

Motorsport art by Ricardo Santos

You might recognize the art of Ricardo Santos from his work for Racer Magazine. His contemporary style wonderfully uses color, negative and positive space, and a wonderful technique where he blends the background and the car’s paint motif. The result is stunning.

Motorsport art by Randy Owens

Randy Owens’ dramatic use of color to show speed is a great quality; it’s difficult to convey speed on paper, yet Owens’ great swashes of vivid color do just the trick.