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Magneto Magazine & Steve McQueen’s LeMans

Magneto Magazine is a stylish publishing tour-de-force. Many readers are forsaking print for online content. Enter premium print magazines.

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Dirt cheap Porsche racing posters

You’ve probably seen many of the following Porsche racing posters which were seen at Porsche dealerships and on the garage walls of Porsche collectors.

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Gulf Racing models in 1:43 scale

The relationship between Gulf Oil and John Wyer began in 1966 when Gulf VP Grady Davis purchased a Ford GT40. So began what became the most iconic sponsorship in motorsport history.

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Blame it on Steve McQueen

I was already addicted to auto racing by the time the LeMans movie premiered. An image in a magazine ad I’d seen showed the 1-2-3 finish by Ford at LeMans in 1966. The romance and already legend of that particular race were now etched in my mind forever.

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