2020 Motorsport Calendars are here!

It’s that time of year again. The racing seasons are winding down as is the year. It’s time for 2020 motorsport calendars for office, home or car cave. 

More Indycar models than ever!

More Indycar models are here or coming from Replicarz, Brickyard Models, MA Scale and Brumm. Whether it’s a built model or kit, you’re in for a treat.

Replicarz exclusives – Racerhead Gift Guide

American racing subjects have generally been ignored by the modeling industry. Model retailer Replicarz has taken it upon themselves to remedy the situation with their line of Replicarz Exclusives.

More art car models in 1:43 scale

If you look at the history of art cars, most are driven by big events. If a car owner has their choice, they’d almost always seek out a big event at which to get big attention. Big attention is exactly what drives art cars, so to speak.

Replicarz Lor Schell Special Indy Car in 1:43 scale

The mavens at Replicarz continue the modeling history of the Indy 500 with their two latest 1:43 scale releases. Both the Replicarz Lor Schell Special from 1940 and the 1941 Elgin Pin Special cars are again Maserati 8CTFs.