Motorsport art by Cale Funderburk

Art teachers preach about “negative space”. That’s the space behind and around a subject and it’s a tool used in the motorsport art by Cale Funderburk. 

Lime Rock Historic Festival 2019

The Labor Day weekend is a wonderful time to visit Lime Rock Park in Connecticut. The Lime Rock Historic Festival 2019 was the 37th annual vintage racing car event.

Motorsport art for your feet!

It was natural that I would go a little bonkers when I saw car-oriented socks by Heel Tread. Made in Portugal, they’re motorsport art for your feet.

Motorsport art by John Ketchell

Mr. Ketchell concentrates on the racing of the 50s, 60s and 70s for the most part. Cars charging at you at all angles brings excitement. Background paint strokes give atmosphere to the subjects.