Arena IMSA and SCCA models

The selection of 1/43 Arena IMSA and SCCA models is eclectic. There are Chevy Corvettes and Monzas, Ferrari Daytonas and Alfa Romeo GTAs.

1/43 Racecar Decal Sources

Lately I’ve been creating some models for which a kit or decal version is unavailable. So I went looking for some 1/43 racecar decal sources.

Tameo 1/43 bodywork stands

You may some 1/43rd models that have take-off bodywork. Tameo 1/43 bodywork stands are easy to assemble and will enhance your model display.

More art car models in 1:43 scale

If you look at the history of art cars, most are driven by big events. If a car owner has their choice, they’d almost always seek out a big event at which to get big attention. Big attention is exactly what drives art cars, so to speak.

Other art car models in 1:43 scale

Let’s define art cars as vehicles used as a blank canvas for artistic decoration to draw attention. Most commonly, this is used for advertising and marketing purposes. High art on the original BMW art cars got noticed by the upper-income consumers BMW was working hard to attract as a “luxury” brand. This is about the not BMW art cars.