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Sam’s Scrapbook by Sam Posey

I eagerly looked forward to the new book, Sam’s Scrapbook by Sam Posey. I am a long-time Posey fan; the book is a fine career retrospective.

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More 1/43 Indy cars from Replicarz!

After what seemed like a very long period, Replicarz is back on the 1/43 Indy trail. The 1986 Bobby Rahal Indy winner is the next release.

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The motorsport art of Randy Owens UPDATED

When we last visited the motorsport art of Randy Owens, we explored some of his greatest Indy car hits. The newest Indy body kit features in two new pieces.

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Lime Rock Historic Festival 2018

The Lime Rock Historic Festival 2018 was the 36th annual event. The featured marque was Bugatti and there were an impressive number in attendance.

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