The Racerhead Gift Guide 2021

Every year, folks fret over what to give their favorite car crazed person. The Racerhead Gift Guide 2021 starts here with some prime choices.

Sam’s Scrapbook by Sam Posey

I eagerly looked forward to the new book, Sam’s Scrapbook by Sam Posey. I am a long-time Posey fan; the book is a fine career retrospective.

More model car display techniques

Still more model car display techniques that explore larger displays, how to obtain them within budget and then mix model cars into the big picture of life.

Hobby tools from other places

Look around and you’ll find hobby tools in other places that present better solutions to your hobby needs. Better than a hobby shop or online hobby source.

More art car models in 1:43 scale

If you look at the history of art cars, most are driven by big events. If a car owner has their choice, they’d almost always seek out a big event at which to get big attention. Big attention is exactly what drives art cars, so to speak.

Motorsport art by Last Corner

Motorsport art by Last Corner defines attractive and inexpensive motorsport art posters matching iconic race cars and the tracks that made them great.

Other art car models in 1:43 scale

Let’s define art cars as vehicles used as a blank canvas for artistic decoration to draw attention. Most commonly, this is used for advertising and marketing purposes. High art on the original BMW art cars got noticed by the upper-income consumers BMW was working hard to attract as a “luxury” brand. This is about the not BMW art cars.

BMW Art Car models in 1:43 scale

The BMW Art Car began with a simple idea in 1975. Paris auctioneer /sometime car racer Hervé Poulain wanted to compete at the LeMans 24 hour race. Not just compete, but compete in a car that was a rolling work of art, a very radical idea in motorsport. 18 BMW Art Cars later, you can get many as 1:43 models.