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Superb built models by Frédéric Suber

The wow factor applies here

Scroll through the vast trove of photos on Frederic Suber’s website. Prepare to spend a lot of time looking through the pages. What you’ll see are the workings of a true master. Models by Frederic Suber come in many forms and scales. Some are hyper-detailed straight builds from other kit manufacturers. Others are works of art that belong in some kind of model car museum somewhere.

lotus 72e models by frederic suberI’ve seen Suber’s name on many high-end model sites, but never fully investigated his work until now. The workmanship is perfect in every way. Absolutely flawless. Then he goes and creates perfection on yet another level. I cite the case of the 1/12th scale JPS Lotus 72 at right. Think it’s a Tamiya kit build with new decals? Nope. Prepare yourself for this. Wow.

ferrari 330p4 daytona models by frederic suberA wide array of talents. Very wide.

Of course Suber has super-detailed a bunch of Ferraris. That’s the history of racing in a brand name. The cars are finished to perfection and then mounted to bases that might reflect the time period the cars competed in. Oft times the driver appears in the scene as well. The driver figures are beautifully lifelike too. You’ll find a variety of scales within that list. Be truly impressed by the quartet of engine replicas.

Mr. Suber delves into many decades of racing history, from the start of F1 in the 1950s until the recent past. In his McLaren portfolio, be sure to see his twin McLaren diorama (also below). Not forgetting sports cars for one minute, there are countless Ferraris, Astons and others. His Porsche collection presents a trio of Porsche 919 Hybrids.

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carbon fiber models by frederic suberDon’t stop looking at everything until you find your way to the bottom of the menu list. Be sure to cruise the “Selected Pieces”. One of the pieces is this Ferrari, all covered in carbon fiber, appearing almost naked without its decorated bodywork. There’s that next level stuff again.

Suber’s models are produced in extremely small editions and so generally go to highly discriminating collectors with the wherewithal to own sheer perfection. For the rest of us it’s like appreciating fine art and hoping somewhere in life we can obtain one of these for ourselves.

I’m playing the lottery.

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