Sunday in the Park at Lime Rock Historic Festival

Beautiful cars in a beautiful setting

One of the best features of the Lime Rock Historic Festival each year is the Sunday in the Park Concours. The 2019 version was a rousing success, with hundreds of wonderful cars lining the track for quite a distance. Proud owners show their cars from the beginning of the auto age to the present to an appreciative audience. None of the cars are cordoned off, which is the nicest part. Walk right up, snap a picture and admire the beauty of a great machine.

Morgan at the Sunday in the Park ConcoursBentleys to Buicks, Fiats to Ferraris and Morgans to Maseratis along with so much more were the order of the day. I could go on and on describing all that was there, but pictures will tell the story even better. There were a huge amount of cars on hand, so presented below is a choice selection of the lot.

Be sure to check the weirdness that is the “American Graffiti” car, trailer and motorcycle. Many, many different cars contributed parts to build these three. The car and trailer are presented in bare metal. The bike is painted shiny black. This setup probably got more attention than the Ferraris and other expensive steeds on hand. Go figure.

If you have never attended the Lime Rock Historic Festival or the allied Sunday in the Park Concours, make plans for next year. This Labor Day event has been a fixture on the vintage auto schedule for 37 years now. It’s a great family-oriented event in a gorgeous corner of the country. For more information, go to the Lime Rock Park website to plan your trip.

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Photos from the 2019 Lime Rock Sunday in the Park Concours