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Steve Barnett model creations in 1:43 scale

The high end of model car making

What if you could take your favorite full-size race car and shrink it down to 1/43rd scale? So realistic that you could conceivably fill the fuel tank with gas, hit the start button and the car would make glorious engine sounds. So well crafted that you can blow up the photo image and it would show no visible flaws. These are Steve Barnett model creations in 1/43 scale.

There are just a few craftsmen in this world that can pull this off. Steve Barnett is one of those craftsmen. Think of his work as less Timex and more Rolex. Any watch can give the correct time, but a fine watch is more art than appliance and appreciated as such. Like a fine watch or fine art, his work is priced accordingly. 

Why create such small art?

It would be easier for Mr. Barnett to produce 1/18th scale versions of his work. Surely it would be easier on his eyes if nothing else. The sheer wonder of miniature art is that the creation is so small. I can readily appreciate the work that Barnett creates as someone who has long created very small race car models (1/43 and 1/64 scale). 

While he usually starts with a kit from various manufacturers, Barnett routinely tosses out most of it. He creates full engines and engine bays where nothing existed before. Plumbing, wiring and the most minute details are created from scratch. Leather for the seats and hood straps with buckles. Cloth for the seat belts. Opening doors, hood, trunk and fuel caps. If it exists on the real car, it’s most likely on the model car too.

I can easily sit there in wonderment as I know firsthand how long this takes. I also know how hard it is to make this stuff look real when examined closely. Mr. Barnett succeeds on all counts.

I could go on and on about Steve Barnett model creations

Seeing is believing. Seeing is wanting. Mr. Barnett’s models are mostly one-offs created to a buyer’s model desires. See for yourself in the gallery below. Then take a visit to his website for yet more wondrous model creations.

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Gallery of Steve Barnett model creations