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The revival of Indycar models: 1/43 Replicarz Boyle Special Indy 500 winners

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I’m so sorry, Brumm Maserati Boyle Special. I have to let you go. We’ve had a great relationship the last many years. I know you were there when there was no other one for me. But, I’ve found a pair of better looking alternatives, and to be brutal, you’re old and out of date. You’ve been put out to pasture with the new 1/43 Replicarz Boyle Special Indy 500 winners.

The Replicarz Boyle Special, both the 1939 and 1940 Indy 500 winners, are incredibly nice. Two more 1/43rd scale Indy cars from the Vermont company, these are leap years better than the Brumm model. Modern production and the abundance of research info now available have yielded models that will be highly collectible collectibles for years to come. Both are limited editions of just 333 pieces worldwide. Judging by the past demand for other Replicarz Indy models, these won’t stay in stock long.

The details

The #2 car from 1939 is the first of its kind on the market, with great detail in every part of the model. The detailed photoetched grill, the giant drum brakes and fine wire wheels, the straw and leather-look steering wheel, abundant fastener detail and the heat-affected exhaust pipes all call attention to models that rise above the ordinary. Because Replicarz took great care choosing everything about these models; the metalflake paint, hard to get right in this scale, is perfect. Leather straps with buckles set off the long hood, and interior detail is super. The small windscreen looks right and the signwriting is beautifully done.

Everything above applies to the #1 1939 car. This one caused me to fall out of love with my Brumm example. Such is life.

More 1/43rd Indy cars please, Replicarz. Well done!
Available from your favorite dealer, or from Replicarz directly.

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