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Rainer Schlegelmilch: Grand Prix Fascination F1

An incredible photo history of Grand Prix cars going cheap

fascination f1 covers book by rainer schlegelmilch

Rainer Schlegelmilch is one of the legendary photographers that has been covering Formula One for a long time. His work has been featured all over the world, most notably in photo books compiled from his vast archives. Grand Prix Fascination Formula 1 covers Grand Prix races from 1969-1993, which takes us from the cigar-shaped age to the V10 age. The technical development over those years is staggering. rainer schlegelmilch book fascination formula 1 photos1

Consider that cars went from purely aero cigars to shaped cars with wings that pushed downward and then to cars that pulled downward into the ground. Engines developed from 400hp to well over 1000hp at times.

One of the best photo books by Rainer Schlegelmilch is Grand Prix Fascination Formula 1. It’s a mammoth book measuring 11″wide x12.72″high x1.5″ thick and weighs 6.5 pounds. It’s big. Note that the first printing in 1993 used the blue dust jacket, but subsequent printings used the engine dust cover. It’s the same book otherwise. Printed on very good stock and bound into a quality hard cover, it covers 400 pages. The text is printed in English, French, Spanish and German.

Sometimes size does matter

What the coffee table size of this book does is to allow Schlegelmilch to show every aspect of Formula One extensively. This includes the cars, stars, technical aspects and the people involved in and around the sport. Sections of the book cover drivers, design, technology, helmets, sponsors and spectators. Each aspect is covered exhaustively, with unique views and vantage points. Photo styles range from pure reference to pure art.

rainer schlegelmilch book fascination formula 1 photos2The large size of the book also provides space for Schlegelmilch to fill many double spreads with arty shots depicting speed. See the Ferrari shot above right.

In the center of the book is a double page fold-out depicting six teams and the changes in their cars from 1975-1992. They were all taken from the same overhead vantage point at the Monaco Grand Prix. Ferrari, Lotus, Brabham, McLaren, Tyrell and Williams all go from simple like-minded designs to highly individual and highly sophisticated projectiles.

This Rainer Schegelmilch book is an amazing value

Grand Prix Fascination Formula 1 has been out of print for some time. Schlegelmilch has published many books about Formula 1, endurance racing and sportscars since. However, this is one of the best. Whether you need great reference material for building models or just like Formula 1 in general, this is a great book. It will provide hours of interest and insight for students and lovers of Grand Prix. Especially so if you have been following the sport for some time.

A worthy addition to any book collection. Probably selling for more than $50 when it first came out, you can have it now from Amazon for as little as $4.99!

This has to be one of the best racing book bargains you’ll ever find.

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