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Racing Dioramics – The Drivers

This is not modeling. It’s high art.

Racing Dioramics - The DriversThis is the second time we’ve visited Racing Dioramics (RD). You can read our introduction to this wonderful modeling studio right here. That first article largely concentrated on the racing car models RD created with integral drivers. They’ve gone lots further with that theme and created complete super high-quality dioramas in 1/43rd scale. Let’s look at another fantastic replica category from Racing Dioramics – The Drivers.

Racing Dioramics - The DriversThe driver collection bears displaying all on its own. The level of realism and detail is incredible. The skill of the overall paintwork from RD is superb. Driver’s suit lettering and the helmet work is unbelievably good.

It goes beyond paintwork

I’ve said it before that the vast majority of 1/43 figures are just vaguely recognizable as the real person. On this level RD sits in an exalted modeling group occupied by creative geniuses like Frederic Suber, Alain Bouissou, LP Creation or Steve Barnett. If you’ve obtained one of the modeling gems offered by one of those artists, then you definitely want – no, need – one of these driver figures. When you have a Picasso, don’t you need a Seurat right next to it to enhance the other? And impress fellow collectors with your very high taste level?

Racing Dioramics - The DriversLook at the movement in the driver’s suits and expression in the bodies. The facial features get as close as you could hope in this small scale. Some are absolute dead-ringers. Most are instantly recognizable in any case.

Racing Dioramics - The DriversI like that RD tries to capture a particular moment in time. Nico Rosberg and his soccer ball. Graham Hill awaiting the start, foot on spare tire. Drivers celebrating a race win, arms in the air in triumph. Nelson Piquet pensively waiting to get in the car.

An obvious partiality to Vettel

Racing Dioramics - The DriversThe most consistently dramatic of the available driver figures would easily be those for Sebastian Vettel. You can find Vettel fist-pumping, arms up in winning celebration, raising the “I’m #1 finger”, on knees in thanks to a higher being, or waving flags for team and country. In every case you can feel the obvious emotion of the moment. 

Racing Dioramics - The DriversThis is true throughout the vast trove of gems you can find on the Racing Dioramics website. Not just driver figures. Exclusive model cars and whole dioramas too. Be sure to take a look at the many archives from past years.

Racing Dioramics – The Drivers. Staggeringly beautiful stuff. Not just modeling. High art.

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