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New tees for Indycar fans

A stylish crop of fanwear for 2022

The 2022 NTT Indycar Series has begun and warm weather is spreading across the country. Plans are already afoot for race attendance and fans always need a new look for a new season. With that in mind, here’s some new tees for Indycar fans.

From the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

new tees for indycar fansThe most famous race track in the world has gotten a new lease on life with the ownership by Roger Penske. Along with myriad improvements to the physical plant, attention has been paid to the souvenir part of the equation.

One piece of crucial info that any Indy fan needs is the need to know who won the great race and when. This tee answers that question with joy and special attention to the few 4-time Indy 500 winners. Of course, Helio Castro-Neves’ win in 2021 added one more member to that very exclusive club.

You can see the entire line of tees, hats and more from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway right here.

new tees for indycar fansFrom the NTT Indycar Series

The official site for the Indycar Series covers driver and car tees very well as one would expect. While I like many types of graphic art on tees, it’s the subtle ones that really catch my eye.

new tees for indycar fansThis Scott Dixon tee is a good example of that as is the Pato O’Ward example. Both get the message across with simplicity that focuses your eye on the subject at a mere glance.

new tees for indycar fansAlso quite subtle and quite arty is the line drawing of a current Indycar steering wheel. I have to think that the design drew some inspiration from the recent Mazda racewear line that was similar in concept. Simple drawings with a direct message that’s frill-free.

If any casual fan that wants to know how sophisticated Indycars are these days just needs one look at this steering wheel and it will set off Google searches in their heads (or on their phones).

new tees for indycar fansTees that are more traditional

If you prefer more dramatic illustrations of your favorite series, these two should fit the bill.

The 2022 NTT Indycar Series schedule tee is both informational and alluring at the same time. The svelte shape of the current Dallara Indycar is shown to good effect with the overhead shot in beautiful black and white.

new tees for indycar fansSo you say you’re big on color and already know the 2022 schedule by heart? Consider this terrific tee. Again the shapely form of the current Dallara race car is the focus and presented in beautiful NTT Blue. If you believe as I do that the current car is the proper successor to the cars from the CART era, then this tee’s for you.

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