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New racing art by Ricardo Santos

Contemporary art that’s about racing

We’ve visited this artist once before but any new racing art by Ricardo Santos is always a reason to take another look at his work.

I can find only one problem with his art: it is difficult to choose just one or two pieces to love. A look at his new  racing art might help you decide.

New from Ricardo Santos

Mr. Santos is known professionally as Ricardo. His work has been widely seen most notably in print magazines such as Racer Magazine. Ricardo famously picks up on elements within a race car whether that is the cars’s form or graphic decoration.

The Benetton TG186 at the top is widely agreed as one of the most colorful race cars of all time. The trademark Benetton green is supplemented by colorful swashes that were a part of the Benetton United Colors promotion of the time. Here Ricardo flows those swashes like the wind behind the speeding F1 car. Wonderful.

The Brabham-Alfa fan car was a fantastic one-and-done race car that won its only race. A huge fan at the back of the car sucked the car down to the track a la Chaparral 2J. This was blatently illegal because it had a moveable aerodynamic device (the fan). The car was allowed to race anyway! It won the Swedish GP and it was quickly banned after the race. 

Ricardo brilliantly played on the fan with a giant swirl in the background.

Two other pieces merit a mention. The Lewis Hamilton Mercedes F1 car plays on a logo and the Jaguar GTP is seen in a similar light as the Benetton.

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