Mr. Brainwash, Miss Mann, and More

Notes from the 2017 Watkins Glen IMSA race

Art cars are becoming quite normal these days. The trend was started by BMW long ago with an Alexander Calder BMW CSL for LeMans. Early art cars were actually painted with paint; now the “paint” is a vinyl wrap. What this has accomplished is to allow virtually anything to happen on a car, with its compound curves, vents and spoilers. Consequently, the designs are derived in the computer, printed and laid on. At the 2017 Watkins Glen IMSA race, there was lots of “new art” on display.

As the Watkins Glen IMSA race now falls right around the Fourth of July holiday, many patriotic themes were displayed in so many ways. See the race report for many of these. However, the one which really caught my eye was the Lamborghini Trofeo car with the art by Mr. Brainwash. I had a great conversation with one of the team members about how the art was done and a bit about Mr. Brainwash. Brainwash is either a real street artist originally from France, but now based in L.A., OR an extravagant ruse by the street artist Banksy. The result, in any case, is wonderful. Read about the back-story here.

The ladies are quick!

The Trofeo race also featured Pippa Mann, in a guest driver role. I missed getting the shot of Miss Mann and Ashley Freiberg hugging each other for luck. I met Miss Freiberg and her brother on the pre-grid when we were racing karts at Road Atlanta some years ago. She raced a Turner Motorsports BMW in the IMSA long distance races last year. I almost literally ran into Christina Nielsen on her way to the grid later on. All three ladies are formidable drivers and real nice folks.

If you’ve ever taken a walk around an IMSA paddock or parking lot, you know the fantastic amount of esoteric and delightful things you’ll see.

I present a bunch of them here. Enjoy.

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