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Motorsport art for your feet!

Keep your feet warm with your favorite cars 

I’ve always liked funky socks. Standard issue black, brown or blue (or white, perish the thought) bore me. Before colorful socks were trendy, I wore them because I like bright colors and funky socks make me happy in a strange sort of way. 

If you’ve learned anything from this website, you know that I love cars, especially race cars. I love racing art too. 

VW GTi motorsport art for your feetMotorsport art for your feet

So it was natural that I would go a little bonkers when I happened upon car-oriented socks by Heel Tread. Designed and made in Portugal and available in traditional high or newer low versions. Made from 80% combed cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane.

There’s a whole bunch to chose from and your favorite racing team or car marque is probably covered. Porsche, Ferrari, Mini, Mazda, Lotus, VW (left) and plenty more.

BMW motorsport art for your feetWe’ve covered all of the available “Pink Pig” accessories out there from models to art to banks. Heel Tread has got the Pig in mind too. At top is the high version and there is a low version too.

One of my favorites is the limited edition Wynn’s socks at top middle. It celebrates the colorful Ford GT that Ben Keating ran at LeMans this year, as well as his Mercedes GT3 he currently is running in the IMSA series.

The socks on the far right at top celebrate the Mazda that famously won LeMans in 1991. It would pair well with the similar tee from Mazda too. They would probably work on the golf course too. Argyle, you know?

Are you crazy for BMW? Covered, so to speak (see right). Porsche racing fan? Martini & Rossi stripes would look great with your loafers (left).

Porsche motorsport art for your feetHooked yet? 

By now, I would hope you are onboard with the concept of motorsport art for your feet. These will wow your pals at the local cars and coffee meet. They make great gifts for any car nut too.

You can find the whole line of socks by Heel Tread on their site. You can also see the latest releases on their Facebook page.

Amazon also carries a smaller selection of Heel Tread socks if you need right-away shipping.

Winter will be here before you know it. Think socks. Think Heel Tread.

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