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Motorsport art by Simon Ward

Contemporary, realistic and beautiful

Ferrari Leclerc Monza motorsport art by simon wardI recently came upon the motorsport art by Simon Ward on Facebook. His style is reminiscent of that of Michael Turner’s. Realistic with a touch of style. Ward also veers off occasionally into a contemporary “swash” style as well. Either way, Ward’s art is readily collectible.

You have to figure that his favorite forms of motorsport are F1 and LeMans prototype racing. Scroll down his page and you’ll see a couple of tributes to the rising star of F1, Charles Leclerc. Leclerc’s obvious speed is a threat to Sebastian Vettel’s #1 in the Ferrari team. His wins at Spa and Monza have endeared him to Ferrari fans everywhere.


Like so many others, Ward has fallen under the spell of the Great Race, LeMans. Outside of the Dunlop bridge at the track, nothing says LeMans more than the cars rushing toward or through Turn One. Few other LeMans 24 Hour races have been as endearing as the 1970 race. Steve McQueen made sure of this with his aptly named “LeMans” movie.

LeMans 1970 motorsport art by Simon Ward Here we see the cars rushing away from pit wall in one of the last standing starts held at the race. This was the first year that the drivers were already buckled into their cars at the start. Previous years saw the drivers sprint across the track, hop into their cars, and drive away into the sweeping first turn. The realization that many drivers were not buckling into their seats before driving off led the track to abandon the running part and have all cars rush off at the drop of the Tricolor.

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A small gallery of Ward’s work is below. Take a look through his Facebook page for even more of his great artworks. 

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A choice gallery of art by Simon Ward