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Motorsport art by Robin Thompson

Wonderful art and photography

You’ll need to put aside some time to browse the motorsport art by Robin Thompson. His website is chock full of great original art and a huge amount of creative motorsport photography. There are many galleries of art prints and race photos. All of it is available for purchase in multiple forms and at reasonable cost.

dunlop bridge motorsport art by robin thompsonI am quite jealous of his photos taken from LeMans. It proves that a media/photo pass is particularly useful at a race like the 24 Hours. While I was able to get some great shots from the spectator areas when I attended, Mr. Thompson has been able to go where no mere spectator can go. He’s got a great eye and uses creative ways to utilize the scenery and the time of day to capture the speed and beauty of one of the great racing events on this planet.

peugeot 908 motorsport art by robin thompsonThis Peugeot was captured beautifully from behind the trees on one of the many straight sections at LeMans which are too dangerously open for spectators. It’s as if you are slyly peeking at the 200mph racing car from a place you shouldn’t be at all. The stark beauty of the event largely held on local roads comes to the fore in his photos.

Vintage racing spoken here

schkee can-am motorsport art by robin thompsonMr. Thompson certainly gets around. From LeMans to Daytona to Road Atlanta, he’s been there shooting everything. He’s been to some prime vintage events as he is apparently based in the South. VIR, Barber and Savannah are also well covered and he’s also photographed Amelia Island’s delicious automotive morsels. Be sure to take a look at those galleries if you have attended one of the many vintage events as a competitor or spectator. 

Thompson illustrates too!

porsche 956/962 motorsport art by robin thompsonMr. Thompson doesn’t confine himself only to superb photography. His art prints are equally terrific. It’s fairly obvious that he loves Porsche race cars. His series of 3 Porsche “nose” compilations is unique. The 917 and 956/962 cars get this attention and offers both a remembrance and comparison of bodywork and motifs. Great pieces of art to accompany any Porsche prototype model collection.


ferrari gto motorsport art by robin thompsonI would be remiss if I left out the 2-page gallery of automotive snippets. Close-ups of interesting parts of beautiful street and race cars are eminently frameable. It’s a technique that gets overlooked a lot. These would look really good displayed behind your car collection. Blow these shots up to huge poster size and you are almost in Jay Leno’s Garage territory.

Where to find all this

You can find all of the motorsport art by Robin Thompson right here. Be sure to click on both of the menus and both galleries. There’s lots to look at. All of it is really really good.

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