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Motorsport art by Rob Ijbema

Art that’s full of atmosphere

motorsport art by rob ijbemaMany racing fans will know motorsport art by Rob Ijbema from his Car-A-Day blog. Ijbema publicized his impressionistic style by painting a different racing scene every day for a year. The results were impressive to say the least. A native of Wales, Mr. Ijbema first became known in Formula One circles (among others) by building model cars for teams and drivers. He did this for 10 years, selling many models.

However, his first love was painting. So, after making the decision to stop making model cars and begin to paint again, he started Car-A-Day. I am glad he did. Painting in oils and acrylics, he captured the essence of famous races and race cars. Along the way he made many fans around the world. 

motorsport art by rob ijbemaI appreciate his grid and race start pieces the most. The start is usually the most dramatic part of any race. If you have raced, you know how tense it is leading to the green flag for both drivers and crews. Racing is always dangerous. Things sometimes don’t go your way, even if that notion is in the back of your mind.

If you are a fan, the starting grid may be the only time you get to see all of the cars in one place. The start of the race may be the place your favorite driver makes their bid for a win at the first corner. It may work…or not.

It’s all about atmosphere

Mr. Ijbema captures the drama and atmosphere that is racing with scenic renderings with enough detail to remind you who is competing without using a highly detailed style. Dabs of paint along with swashes here and there are his painting method. It’s all recognizable without having to spell it all out.

motorsport art by rob ijbemaFrom Monaco to LeMans, Nurburgring and Indy, he takes you there with all the color and drama that racing brings. His race start at the top from Monza sees the entire field converging on the first corner in a mass of shapes and color.

That color and drama is also evident in his straight racing and driver paintings. Jacky Ickx at LeMans is instantly recognizable in his factory Martini Porsche 936. Gilles Villeneuve waits in his naked Ferrari while the mechanics tinker with the setup (see below). Alberto Ascari flies through the scenery in his Lancia (below).

There’s so much more to Rob Ijbema’s art

Check the gallery below for a small sampling of his work. To purchase select small prints, go here. To see more artworks or to purchase original paintings and larger pieces, go here. You can also view and/or purchase older pieces at Car-A-Day.

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A gallery of motorsport art by Rob Ijbema