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Motorsport art by Ricardo Santos

A unique take on motorsport art by Ricardo Santos

You might recognize Ricardo Santos‘ name from his work for Racer Magazine. His contemporary style of motorsport art uses color, negative and positive space, blending the background and the car’s paint motif. The result is stunning, and very different from most motorsport art seen to this point.

Apparently simple illustrations belie the fact that Santos pulls the essence from each race car. Whether it’s the color, motif, scene or the car itself. You are left in no doubt about what Santos is highlighting.

basf bmw m1 Motorsport art by Ricardo SantosHowever, a few illustrations really pop out: the BOSS Porsche (top), the BASF BMW (right), and the Tyrrel (below). The Porsche’s motif is iconic, a black pinstripe suit with four tires and an engine. The BMW has one of the most dynamic paint schemes in racecar history, appearing on a couple of different BMWs and at least one Sauber LeMans car. The Tyrrel is something altogether tyrell Motorsport art by Ricardo Santosdifferent: it’s the color that is center of attention, your eye filling in the details in a sea of blueness. Brilliant.

new man porsche 956 Motorsport art by Ricardo SantosA new illustration depicts the twice LeMans victor, the Joest New Man Porsche (right). Here again. Santos pulls the essential stripes out of the paintwork and emphasizes them in the art background.

You can purchase select prints from Santos’ site and from the Racer site. The Racer site offers some prints that Santos does not offer on his own website, so shop both before purchase. 

Any way you look at it, you will find a unique artwork for your wall, bed or table, sure to draw attention and comment. 

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