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Motorsport art by Marijan Pecar

Artfully detailed paintings 

I would describe the motorsport art by Marijan Pecar as contemporary, detailed and wide-ranging. Pecar is a trained industrial designer with a deep love for cars. His oil paint and watercolor paintings are accurate and very detailed. One look at his engine renderings and you can see his industrial training. The outstanding paintings utilize a detailed perspective that includes the installation in the car. 

The massive flat 12 cylinder engine of the Porsche 917 at left is as detailed as one could want. So detailed that it’s possibly useful as a reference for model builders. Every small detail of the engine from wiring to the tube frame holding it in the chassis are there. Pecar has even added the fuel injection trumpet covers used when the car is at rest.

Formula One looms large

Pecar uses his paintings to showcase his heroes in dramatic settings. Graham Hill waits in his Embassy Hill race car as adjustments are made (right). Ayrton Senna relaxes in the cockpit of his naked car (top). Jacky Ickx, John Surtees and Patrick Depailler also spend down time in the cockpits in which they are most comfortable. Many of us don’t realize how much waiting around is a part of every race meeting. The comfort of the racing seat is super important to the drivers who spend several hours there on any weekend of racing. Staying in the seat seems almost second nature even while the car is being readied for battle. It would be easy to catch a few winks of rest waiting for the start and many have. What all of these paintings have in common is the incredible detail devoted to both the car and the driver.

A love for LeMans race cars

I would bet that most European motorsport fans are torn between Formula One and LeMans prototypes given the romantic history of both. Motor races, race cars and drivers are raised to mythic heights in Europe even today. There are so many scenic and historic race circuits all over Europe. Pecar is among those fans.

You can tell that Pecar was influenced heavily by the Porsche 917 and 935 cars. He features both in racing scenes and detailed engine paintings.

Pecar gives due respect to American racing with CanAm, IMSA and Trans-Am paintings as well. There is a special category for those rumbling V10 Dodge Vipers. One gets the feeling that Ben Keating may have something to do with this as his cars are featured strongly on his website.

You’ll also find paintings depicting historical races there as well. Take note of his painting below featuring the La Source hairpin at the original Spa road-based circuit. Plenty of atmosphere there.

Touring cars, muscle cars and motorcycles too!

Ranking third for motorsports love amongst Europeans would be a tie for Touring Cars and GP motorcycles. Pecar also covers both of these well. Throw in his love for American muscle cars like the Corvette, Camaro, Viper and Cobra and there is plenty for American fans as well. Classic Ferraris, Alfas and Mercedes come in for attention as well.

Check out the gallery of motorsport art by Marijan Pecar below. You can see his whole portfolio and purchase artworks at his website or on Etsy.

Keep up with the very latest from Pecar at his Facebook page as well.

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Gallery of motorsport art by Marijan Pecar