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Motorsport art by Last Corner

Inexpensive posters matching iconic race cars and the tracks they ran on

Truly memorable/historic races don’t happen all that often. Really good races, yes. Historic, no. As a motorsport fan, you have to know that going in. However, the few truly great races will always be remembered and cherished.

Last Corner has created attractive motorsport art posters that match iconic race cars and the tracks that made them great. That they are inexpensive makes them even better. The careful choice of background colors to accent the race cars also pulls your eye to the poster and to the subject. Look through the selection of art and you will find quite a few that will look great together.

The artist named Alex has done an admirable job of depicting great race cars simply and accurately. The tracks are drawn as they were at the time of the race car’s appearance, with corner names as well. Facts and figures about the cars are presented as well.

Gilles and Rene at Dijon

Ferrari 312T4 & Renault RS10 Dijon-Prenois 1979, poster art by Last Corner Few fans remember that the winner of the 1979 French Grand Prix was Jean-Pierre Jabouille. A Frenchman winning in France with a French Renault car. On French Michelin tires and the first-ever win for a turbocharged Grand Prix car. Totally lost info when it’s all said and done. The epically memorable thing about this race was the titanic duel between Gilles Villeneuve and Rene Arnoux over the last few laps. Passing and then re-passing again and again, often off the racing surface altogether! Two very closely matched competitors determined to beat the other by outdriving the other, pure and simple. It could have ended badly, but it didn’t. Thrilling to say the least. Only remember, they were racing so very hard for second place.

Together those two drivers will always be remembered with those cars and that track on that day. Together they go very well, shown above left.

James Hunt, World Champion

McLaren-Ford M23 Fuji 1976 before & after race, poster art by last cornerThe final Grand Prix of 1976 has been well documented in Ron Howard’s movie “Rush“. James Hunt just barely won his only title in horrible rain under unbelievable circumstances. In the movie, as in life, Mr. Hunt was quite the playboy and well-known party animal. Cigarettes and strong drink were never far away.

The poster art by Last Corner on the right pairs the serious playboy and serious racer sides of Mr. Hunt. Subtle humor with the track, the car, the before and after race helmet.

Where to find motorsport art by Last Corner

The posters are all European size A3 (11.69″x16.54″), with an additional white border of about .5″ all around.
You can find the very latest selection of Last Corner art right here Last Corner.

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