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Motorsport art by Cale Funderburk

Great use of negative space

Art teachers preach extensively to art students about “negative space”. That’s the space behind and around a subject. Used effectively in art or advertising it will call attention to the subject by focusing the eye with laser precision. It’s a technique used to good effect in motorsport art by Cale Funderburk, a style also used by other artists, but it still works for me every time. 

The piece at the top of the page is entitled “Brumos”. Red and blue stripes encasing a #59 on any white Porsche is a racing icon simply put. It’s the racing marker of the late great Peter Gregg. His Brumos Porsche dealership was publicized to great effect through his racing efforts in IMSA and the Can-Am. A Brumos #59 of any description was a contender for a win no matter the race or class of car. Notice how all of that white background points your eyes right to #59?

917 motorsport art by cale funderburkMore Porsche

Funderburk does love his Porsches. The iconic white Martini-sponsored Porsche 917 won LeMans in 1971 for the marque (left) and scored a win for the 917 for the second year running. Such was the domination of the 917 so plain for everyone to see that the rulesmakers changed the rules for the next year. 935_70 moby dick motorsport art by cale funderburk

Another Martini & Rossi sponsored Porsche would figure prominently at LeMans. This time it was an extreme interpretation of the 911 road car. The long-tailed “Moby Dick” 935 flying through the night at right was as far as you could take this kind of car without calling it a pure Prototype.

legend -motorsport art by cale funderburkLove for F1 and more

The piece at left is entitled “Legend” and the Marlboro McLaren certainly was that. There are only 2 colors used in the illustration and that’s all that is necessary to get the point across.

m1 -motorsport art by cale funderburkWhen one thinks of “BMW colors”, it’s the red, purple and blue on white (right) that rises to the top of the list. The M1 begat the Motorsport division of BMW and used those colors atop racing M1s featured in the bespoke Procar series. Those stripes really pop, don’t they?

Get your Funderburk from a long menu of choices

The beauty of digital printing rears its wonderful head by allowing artists to put their images on almost anything. That includes posters, phone cases, mugs, pillows and rugs. Cale Funderburk’s art is thusly available in those ways and so much more. You can see the full array of choices at the Funderburk Shop on Society Six. Any one of those would make a great gift for yourself or the racing lover in your life.

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