More fun models from Fine Work

We need a little fun right now

fine work ferrari 312TWe’re back with more fun models by Fine Work from Japan. These strangely stunted models are pretty good renditions of the race and street cars they portray. There are multiple iterations of some cars, opening features on others and plenty of smiles in all of them.

The last time we wrote about Fine Work models, only one model dealer was found that carried them. What wasn’t sold out already sold out pretty fast after our article. In the time since then, another dealer with full stocks and a wider variety has been found. It is Fine Work’s own web shop this time.

Anti-stress model kits

fine work ferrari 312TOutside of the stress while awaiting Fine Work kits to arrive from Japan, there’s no stress in building these kits. They’re fairly simple with relatively few parts, so they just need some paint and assembly. There are a few kits that feature opening bodywork, like the Ferraris shown left and above, so those are a hair “harder” to build.

Disregarding the odd shape of the cars and trucks, you’ll notice that the models are faithful replicas otherwise. Decals are well rendered. The resin parts seem pretty clean and that means you can paint the parts pretty quickly fine work martini porschesafter opening the kit box.

I’d still recommend finding reference photos before building any one of these. Frankly, I’m not sure if an instruction sheet comes with the models or what language they might be presented in. It couldn’t hurt to bone up on your Japanese though. You should be able to figure out these kits easily if you’ve ever built a model in any scale.

Pleasing for any age

fine work bugatti veyron2The large variety of kits available will please discerning car enthusiasts and could be a great project for parent and child. However, watch those small, easily swallowed parts around young children.

Assembly can be done with 5-minute epoxy or instant-setting glues. Decals are the water-slide type.

On some of the models, multiple versions are available. The decals in those cases may be offered as an optional extra so you can specify the version you want. Some models don’t need decals at all, like the many street cars also offered by Fine Work. The stunning Bugatti Veyron Spider at left is super sweet!

finework marlboro bmw m1The selection is fantastic

You have your choice of misshapen LeMans, F1, Touring Cars, street cars and a truck or three. BMW, Lotus, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Tyrell, McLaren, Audi, Alfa, Toyota, Mazda and much more. There’s a flag-topped Mini, Corvette split-window and a Shelby Mustang too.

If Mad Max is your thing, they’ve got you covered. So too if you are partial to military vehicles. Look no further than a Willy’s Jeep or sand-eating Hummer.

The Frank Stella “Graph Paper” BMW CSL is still offered.

fine work guardrail baseAccessorize

Fine Work offers display cases that are sized specifically for these models. An option for the display case are optional display bases. Choose a cobble stone street insert or show any race car with an oversized guardrail perched behind the car. Cars are not included with the bases, so like the kits, the bases will need painting.


No matter which interest group you belong to, these models will surely bring a smile to your face every time you see them. We need a lot of that these days. Bring me even more fun models from Fine Work!

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