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More 1/43 Indy cars from Replicarz!

Like manna from heaven

After what seemed like a very long period, there will be more 1/43 Indy cars from Replicarz! Indy models in 1/43 will start flowing again soon and the 1986 Bobby Rahal Indy winner will be the next release. A March 86C sponsored by Budweiser and fielded by the Truesports team, the win at Indy was a major gift to car owner Jim Trueman. Trueman was a long-time backer of Mr. Rahal through his Red Roof Inns motel chain. Sadly, Mr. Trueman was suffering from cancer and would pass away shortly after the race. You have to think that he is still smiling about that special win as he looks down from heaven.

Like all previous 1/43 releases from Replicarz, this one is a limited edition. You’ll want to pre-order this model soon. It promises to be very popular, as all Indy 500 winners are. Especially Indy winners that have the names Rahal and Budweiser attached to them.

But wait! There’s still more 1/43 Indy cars from Replicarz!

If you liked the first set of Indy Gurney Eagles from Replicarz, you are in luck! Another four are due for release in the near future. Here they are in no particular release order:

More 1/43 Indy cars from Replicarz!The factory Gurney Eagles of 1972 were unbelievably fast when they appeared. The first wedge-shaped Eagles from AAR also had their radiators mounted in the midship position. This made for great aero performance and handling, giving spectacular speed both on the straights and in the turns. The number 2 driver for Gurney was Jerry Grant. He drove the “Mystery Eagle” at Indy that year. It was so named because the sponsor was a mystery! When the USAC Indy series went to the “Indy of the West” at Ontario Motor Speedway, Grant put his car on pole with the very first 200+ lap ever recorded by an Indy car. It is presented in the very recognizable purple color of that mystery car.

More 1/43 Indy cars from Replicarz!Penske Racing and Mark Donohue fans will appreciate the 1973 Sunoco Eagle that Donohue raced at Indy. Donohue had won at Indy in 1972 with a McLaren M16. As the Eagles were the chassis of the moment, Penske sprang for one of the chassises for 1973. It was powered by an Offy engine like the McLaren. Unlike the McLaren, it did not win. A holed piston on the 92nd lap put paid to the effort by Penske Racing.

Still more Eagles

More 1/43 Indy cars from Replicarz!Also in 1973, David Hobbs raced a very pretty Eagle in Carling Black Label Beer colors. Hobbs was racing a variety of Carling-sponsored cars in that period, including a Can-Am McLaren and an F5000 Lola. Mr. Hobbs, who could drive the wheels off of any car he sat in, came 11th at Indy, albeit 26 laps down at the finish after a troubled race.

More 1/43 Indy cars from Replicarz!Lastly, Mario Andretti also drove one of the Eagles in the 1974 Indy 500. He and Al Unser Sr. drove for the Parnelli Jones team with sponsorship from Viceroy cigarettes. It was a short race for Mario. His engine burned a piston after just 2 laps. Unser lasted until lap 131 when he also went out with a burned piston.

See what else is coming from Replicarz

The oval mavens at Replicarz have more 1/43 Indy cars in store. See what’s currently available and what else is coming down the pike here. Feel free to order at will. 

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