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Molotow chrome markers make detailing simple

Another useful art store find

3 molotow chrome markersChrome is the hardest detail to add to models. If you’ve ever tried to replicate chrome model details with silver paint, you’re probably disappointed. It just looks like plain silver. Up to now, you’ve had to spray on chrome using Alclad paint. Many modelers do not have access to air brushes and Alclad does not brush well either. Molotow chrome markers easily solve this problem.

I have a special affinity for art stores. Here is where you’ll find super fine and durable paint brushes, art supply storage boxes and self-sealing cutting boards for trimming out decals.

And Molotow chrome markers.

Alcohol-based, they come in widths of 1mm, 2mm, 4mm and 5mm. I purchased 1mm and 2mm markers. I have yet to to open the 2mm. I haven’t felt a need for it. The 1mm is so fine you can paint in the mirrors for a 1/43 scale car with ease.

Beyond mirrors

MA Scale Pennzoil DallaraI used the 1mm marker to chrome the suspension on this MA Scale Pennzoil Dallara. It took just minutes to do both the front and rear suspension. I also chromed the wheels, exhausts and mirrors, all of which you need for Penske-run Indy cars. It’s a necessary detail that would be tough to do otherwise on a resin model without photoetched parts. Even highly polished white metal still doesn’t look chrome-like.

The neat thing is that on mirrors, for instance, you can carefully push the liquid out to the edges of the mirror surface. The chrome will hold to the edges for a very straight separation line. It’s really simple once you work with it a little.

The  markers appear to lay on a fairly thick layer of chrome liquid. Once the alcohol evaporates, the paint lies right down flat. Allow a whole lot of drying time though. Also beware of leaving fingerprints in the liquid when handling.

Where to find Molotow chrome markers

You can read more about the markers at the Molotow site.

I purchased my pens at a Dick Blick store. You can order online here. Blick also sells other metallic markers and pens. They may be useful as well.

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