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Metal automotive art from Press Monster

Celebrating automobiles past and present

I remain very impressed with the variety and creativity of the metal automotive art from Press Monster. It would be easy for them to simply offer vintage automotive signage on metal. Been there, done that. While Press Monster does offer those kind of signs, they delve into other interesting areas. That a lot of them can be connected to cars is okay by me.

We’ve visited Press Monster before. Consider this an update along with a suggestion for an enhanced mounting alternative. 

A little something different for every taste

After erecting enormous cabinets for your models and hanging an enormous amount of auto art, what to do? Accessorize. May we suggest some metal auto signs? They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Go vintage and Press Monster has a good selection that includes versions out of the ordinary. Many can be pure nostalgia but some can be great fun at the same time. Choose carefully and your vintage sign can take on new meaning.

This American Gas sign would be right at home in your kitchen. I can’t imagine anyone walking past that sign and not smiling.

Free air for your tires may be a foreign notion to you. It used to be free but now costs a buck or more. Place this sign in your backyard to pose the philosophical question: Is air really free? Discuss.

Irony sold here

Listen sonny. When I was young hot dogs were a nickel and a two scoop ice cream cone was 2 cents. A house was $10k and we all got along.

I love gas price signs. Maybe you recollect these prices. Not me. But they are quite a hoot anyhow. The new driver in your family will look longingly at that sign for hours.

I also love the 3D metal automotive art from Press Monster.

The William Rast piece at the top of course replicates the Indy 500 winning car driven by the late Dan Wheldon. Press Monster has done the separate wing idea before and it still works. There are many such designs available featuring Indy and other series’.

Here’s an idea…..

I have one of the 3D designs. It replicates a late 60s Ferrari F1 car nose. Like other similar pieces, it came with mounting tabs along both vertical sides. It looked kind of off to me.

Being the creative type, I set about modifying the art. After placing many layers of masking tape along the painted edge to protect the paint, I broke out my trusty Dremel tool with a cutting disk attached.

I cut along the edge dividing the tabs from the painted art and removed the tabs altogether. Next I picked up a block of wood at my local craft store. The wood is slightly deeper than the depth of the nose. Mounting the wood using Velcro tape to the back of the modified nose art and then to the wall created real physical depth to the art that’s readily apparent to the eye.

The difference in presentation could not be any clearer. Now the nose looks right. This technique would also improve the William Rast piece by removing the black areas over the body. It’s a technique that also works for most of the 3D noses Press Monster offers.

Or don’t do anything. They’re all pretty nice as is.

They make a great gift that’s out of the ordinary

Head to the Press Monster website for the full range of choices they offer. It’s art that’s well done, reasonably priced, and proudly made in America. 

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