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Subtle and elegant racewear

Please note: This line is no longer offered by Mazda as they have ceased their IMSA racing program.

When Mazda Motorsports decided to have Joest Racing run their IMSA DPi program, I was overjoyed. I am a Mazda owner (my 4th Mazda) and a long-time fan of the team. As soon as Joest took over the program, the team disappeared for a time to right the speed deficit the Multimatic chassis had. When the car reappeared for the Daytona 24 Hour race in 2018, speed was up. There was definitely a learning curve to be conquered by Mazda Team Joest just the same.

Fast forward to 2019, and the Mazda RT24-P was on pole for the 24 Hours. The car was as quick as anything and in the lead or vying for the lead until the halfway point or so. It looks like a real contender this year against some very stiff competition from Cadillac, Acura and Nissan. There is real hope for a win this year with the 4 cylinder-engined outlier opposing the V8 and V6 opposition.

Showing support with class

mazda cosmo tee from mazda motorsports apparelSo it is with pleasure that Mazda has come out with a line of apparel that allows folks like me to show support for “my team”.

And what a line it is. Created mostly in grey tones, the Mazda Motorsports Apparel line is beautiful in its simplicity. When depicting Mazda cars, illustrations pick out defining corners of the cars. Simple but readily definable line illustrations are prevalent, though photos are used on a few and embroidery on others.

I love the Miata and Cosmo shirts. So nice! My favorite may be the RT24-P Contour shirts. I may have missed the boat on this one as they appear to be clearance pieces at this time mazda lemans rhombus tee from mazda motorsports apparelavailable in very limited sizes. 

The MX-5 Cup is celebrated with a tiny embroidered Miata in red. The Miata ND is a sort of x-ray design, showing the innards of the car offset to the side. There’s even a Mazda Vision shirt, the car depicted as a vision itself.

The 1991 LeMans winner is celebrated on two shirts. One is a snippet of the car’s side in a line illustration. The other takes the famous and unique paint scheme on that car and lays it out with just the headlights and windows to further define the shape. Your eyes and brain fill in the rest.

Headwear with style

mazda team joest hat from mazda motorsports apparelEven the hats offered are subtle and straightforward. Simple embroidery does the trick here. Several designs of hat are available in adjustable, fitted and hipster flat bill styles.

The Mazda Motorsports Apparel are reasonable in cost for a line of racewear that certainly is different from the norm. I look forward to more of the same. Stay classy Mazda!

Much of the line is featured below. You can also go to the to see the whole magilla.

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