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Marsh Chaparral McLaren M12 high-wing kit

An important interim car in the Chaparral history

Get your pre-orders in for the 1/43 scale Marsh Chaparral McLaren M12 kit or handbuilt. This is the car as driven by John Surtees at the Bridgehampton Can-Am in 1969. It was used by the Jim Hall team while awaiting the finish of the novel Chaparral 2H. The Bridgehampton M12 used a high wing as on the Chaparral 2E and 2G, although early in the season the car ran with just a rear spoiler.

Marsh Chaparral McLaren M12

The Trojan McLaren M12 was essentially a rebodied M6B from 1968. It was built by Trojan for McLaren to sell to customers. The M12 Group 7 car was nowhere as competitive as the McLaren works cars. Independent teams had few alternatives to obtain a new car to run and so were kind of stuck.

A Chevy big block powered the M12. Chaparral’s Franz Weiz built the motor and it featured a low-profile fuel injection system. The fuel injection system was designed to be low drag for the low drag Chaparral 2H. It proved not to be as efficient as the normal full-height injectors.

John Surtees was ultimately an unhappy warrior in the 1969 Can-Am season. The early-season M12 was not nearly competitive. When the Chaparral 2H was finally ready, Surtees was not happy with the car in several ways. Surtees would leave the team before the season was out.

Marsh Chaparral McLaren M12All Marsh models are very good

I built the previously released Watkins Glen version. The Bridgehampton version differs in appearance with the addition of front diveplanes and a more aero cockpit cooling snorkel. On the kit I assembled, I used foil to replicate the duct tape used to keep the doors shut.

The new Marsh Chaparral McLaren M12 kit should build up every bit as well and provide a great addition to any Chaparral collection. The kit features a nice amount of photoetch which creates a very realistic inner tub for the cockpit. Marsh also makes detailing radiator ducts super easy with photoetched radiator inserts.

Resin tires are provided for the wheel inserts and the white metal cross-flow fuel injectors look very accurate when built up.

The available limited edition Marsh factory-built models are always very well finished and good value if you wish to go that way too.

Where to buy the kit or factory built models

As always, Grand Prix Models is a great source for Marsh kits and builts. 

For more information, you can always contact John Simons from Marsh Models here.

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Thanks to Nate Pritzker for the kind use of his photo of the Bridgehampton McLaren M12 in action at the top.