Lime Rock Vintage Fall Festival 2022

The 40th Festival may have been the best

This event is always at the top of my gotta-attend list. The 40th Lime Rock Vintage Fall Festival was one for the record books. Not only was the on-track action great but the stunning collection of rare racing and concept Corvettes on hand were worth coming for all by themselves. Lime Rock literally added a ton to the inherent greatness of this event, including a Trans-Am Series Reunion.

If you wanted to see fairly old race and road cars, you left happy. You like show cars? There were plenty. Rare and valuable? Ferrari GTO, Maserati Birdcage, Bugatti T35 and Corvette Grand Sport were just a few of the crowd favorites.

Did we mention the Sunday In The Park event? This year’s event featured hundreds of cars from old to new and everything in between.

Four days of car love and peace

If Woodstock was for cars and the fans were much better dressed, then this would have been it. It’s said Laguna Seca has a pretty good vintage event. I would counter that Lime Rock is a much nicer venue with a less pretentious crowd. Sure there were lots of valuable race and street cars on hand but you can walk up to just about anything in the two paddocks without an anxious car owner watching you closely.

That’s always the attitude within this event. Which is why the track draws a huge crowd every Labor Day weekend. Casual spectators enjoy the racing action and the beautiful atmosphere and car enthusiasts get a year’s worth of pleasure in a very short time.

This is one of those events where fellow enthusiasts meet every year. The Lime Rock Vintage Fall Festival gets better every year and new management at Lime Rock has made many improvements already to make a great event even better. If you have never attended this event then you are missing one great day at the race track.

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A gallery of cars from the 2022 Lime Rock Vintage Fall Festival