Lime Rock Sunday in the Park 2022

One heck of a car show

I’ve attended all 40 of the Lime Rock Vintage Festivals and its an event that I look forward to. This was my second Sunday in the Park, aka the Gathering of the Marques, aka The concours. This event began a few years ago since racing is not allowed at Lime Rock on Sundays. So why not have a car show?

Story by Steve Erlichmann with photos by Nick Puccia and Steve Erlichmann
Corvette concept cars and thundering Pony Cars

The entire weekend has a theme each year, and this year was no exception. This year the focus was a history of Corvette. GM went all out and provided most if not all of the Corvette concept cars from the Mako Sharks to the AeroVette. All of the Corvettes were spread out over 3 tents in the paddock until the Sunday show. Most of them were moved out to the front straight and well posed along the edge of the track. See more about the Corvettes here.

The other focus of the weekend was historic Trans Am. It was well supported. Both the Penske and Roy Woods Javelins raced were lined up on the front straight on Sunday. There were also 3 different Penske Sunoco Camaros from ’68 and ‘69. Two raced and one was just for show. There were other Camaros including the Owens Corning car driven by TV’s Mike Joy and another driven by his son. The 1970 lime green Dodge Challenger raced by Sam Posey was here too and so too was the 1964 Pontiac Tempest built by GM engineer Herb Jackson and driven by Bob Tullius. The car raced as an independent against the factory supported cars and put many of them to shame. 

This is a great event

One of the best parts of this event is the fact that the show cars are arranged around the famous 1.5 mile Lime Rock circuit. So as you walk along reviewing the cars you are also walking the track.

Our walk and review of the cars finished, we went down to the A-Paddock where we found a red Ferrari GTO. It was all buttoned up in the trailer not going anywhere. We suspect that it was on its way home from Monterey headed somewhere in the Northeast.

My Lime Rock Vintage Festival was at an end. As we walked to the car, I realized that another season at Lime Rock had ended too. I’ve attended all I can at this track since the 1978 IMSA race.

It’s my favorite track.

Wait, wait, there’s more! Many photos from the Lime Rock Sunday in the Park ahead!

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