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Obtain an effective model car display easily

If you’ve been collecting models for a while, you’ll surely face the problem of 
”where-to-put-them-ism”, the conundrum of having too much of a good thing and nowhere to put it. 
The bigger the models, the bigger the problem of space you are faced with as well. And the factory packaging doesn’t look like much after a few dozen purchases….

What’s a model junky to do? A custom-made model car display case can run into the hundreds of dollars, and still not swallow all of the “cool stuff” after a while! After all, collecting of any sort just gets bigger spacially as it goes along. The answer: expand! Expand to every available flat surface. Get shelf units, and go upward. 
You still face the problem of how to get your models out of the packaging and on display, dust-free.

Try one of these model car display solutions

Here’s a convenient, pay-as-you-go solution: acrylic display boxes from Trumpeter (or IMEX, which is no longer made). They offer great dust-free, see-through environs for your models. The “aircraft” box holds up to 15 carefully spaced 1/43rd scale cars. The 1/18th scale single car box has some clearance to open doors and hoods. 
If you have a 1/18th or similar scale model that allows bodywork to come off, you can display that very nicely with the “aircraft” box. Both boxes are available with either a clear or a black base.

A minor problem I’ve found is that certain rubber model tires react with the plastic, causing grooves to appear in the base under the tires. A great way of mitigating this problem is by using Rustoleum-brand stone paint, available in craft stores such as
AC Moore. Available in several colors, when applied it resembles the epoxy finish that many of us have covered our garage floors with. I used a light grey color. It looks great, contrasts well with any color of car, and prevents those grooves from appearing. A side benefit is that this tightens up the seal around the bottom of the clear cover, keeping virtually all dust from coming into the display. It gets so tight that you may need to gently pry the seal open with a thin tool. You can control the size of the specks shot out from the can by moving the spray closer for smaller specks and further for the opposite effect.

So, free those models from their factory-packed bondage! I found both size boxes at my local hobby shop and online. I’ve found through hard experience that they don’t ship well sometimes, cracking the clear upper shell. I suggest inspecting carefully in the store or upon receipt via mail.

Large “aircraft” box size: 12.5″ x 10.875″ x 5.375″   •   1/18th scale box size: 14.375″ x 7.375″ x 4.75″. 

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