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Indy car models in 1/43 keep on coming!

Like the Indycar series, this field keeps growing

Just a couple of years ago, the selection of Indy car models in 1/43 was pretty slim. Ready builts from Minichamps and Brumm, along with kits from Tameo, SMTS and MA Scale were pretty much it (not counting the slew of lesser models from Onyx). As we have documented on these pages, Replicarz has stepped in to expand that selection and MA Scale continues their goal of creating kits of every Indy winner and many others.

The next acts from Replicarz

replicarz 1990 dominos lola indy winnerFollowing the pretty Patrick Racing Penske PC18 just released, next will be the 1990 winner driven by Arie Luyendyk. The patriotic Domino’s Pizza Lola will be another desirable choice for the Indy winner crowd. The only previous model of this car was made by Onyx but that is well below the current state of modeling. We can expect another gem of a model based on the presentation of the aforementioned Penske driven by Emerson Fittipaldi. The Lola features full wheel covers which were an aero option that was legal for only a few short years.

Coming next after the Lola will be the 1986 March 86C driven by Bobby Rahal, sponsored by Budweiser and entered by Truesports (top photo). Rahal’s win has to be one of the most wildly popular wins ever as the owner of Truesports (and Red Roof Inns) was Jim Trueman. He was very sick with cancer at the time of the win and passed on not long after the race. The model will be much appreciated for that fact alone if nothing else. Anticipated as another fine effort by Replicarz, it will also provide the model base for the March 86C that Al Unser used in 1987 to win Indy for Roger Penske.

Note that your pre-order on these models is highly recommended as these are limited production models. Replicarz has indicated that pre-orders for future Indy models determine what gets made next by them (or at all). See the full lineup here.

ma scale 1977 cam2 mclaren indy car models in 1/43Mario, Mario, Mario!

Absolutely nobody else is as prolific as MA Scale for producing kits of Indy car models in 1/43 scale.  The quickly built models shown on their website are not the best examples of what can be done with these kits. They really do make fine models which need a little extra work in the build process. Most of the MA offerings are not offered by anyone else. Period.

ma scale amoco lola indy car models in 1/43Three of their latest kits are of those driven by Mario Andretti. Mario drove for Roger Penske for a relatively short period and with limited success. The CAM2 Mclaren at right is one of the first cars he drove for the Captain.

Mario’s only Indy win was in 1969 for Andy Granatelli. Some of his best and most dominating races were with Carl Haas, though they were ultimately unsuccessful at delivering wins. Presented here are two of those cars. Both are Lola T8700s. The ma scale hanna lola indy car models in 1/43Amoco car was run in 1987 and the Hanna car in 1988. Neither has been modeled in 1/43 scale before.

Also new this time around is a Norton sponsored Mclaren driven by Tom Sneva. It’s the same basic car as the CAM2 McLaren above. A pair of Penskes driven by Rick Mears and Danny Sullivan are also now available. A 1951 Novi and a 1922 Duesenberg are debuting as well.

See the whole lineup of MA Scale kits here.