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Tameo 1/43 bodywork stands

A really nice way to show off your models

tameo 1/43 bodywork standsI have a few 1/43rd models that have take-off bodywork, laying the bodywork near the rest of the model. It doesn’t say “great displaying!” to me. Tameo by way of acquiring the assets of This Way Up have produced some marvelous bodywork trestle stands that solves this problem. These Tameo 1/43 bodywork stands are fairly easy to assemble, enhance the model and make for a tiny diorama.

As you can see above, the trestle stands work well with with formula or sportscar bodywork. It took me a few tries to find a decent assembly method. Here’s what I came up with. Feel free to adapt as you please.

tameo 1/43 bodywork stands
The two bottle method

This refers to the two paint bottles I’ll utilize to prop the stands during assembly. After cutting the pieces from the photoetch trees, I bent up the sides of the crossbrace as shown on the package. I then laid a small bead of 5-minute epoxy into the inside folds. Let the epoxy set up for a bit until it starts to become a little sticky.

tameo 1/43 bodywork standsPlace one of the A-shaped ends against a bottle and position the crossbrace centered on the middle of the A as shown. Carefully maneuver the assembly flat against one bottle and do the same for the other end. Adjust the bottles so that the As lie totally flat against them. Perform any gymnastics needed to get this to all stay put, centered and square. Let assembly dry. After the epoxy dries, lay another bead against the assembly where these pieces came together to reinforce.

When this is dry, carefully place the top rod into the tiny top holes in the As. Lay in some epoxy where these pieces come together on both sides and let dry.

Time to paint!

tameo 1/43 bodywork standsI used flat black to paint the trestles. It works for all bodywork. If you did an especially clean glue job, you can leave the pieces in their natural chrome. Or you can paint them to match the race car bodywork that will be placed on the trestles. Like Ferrari red or Camel yellow.

You want these! You know it….

They’re pretty inexpensive, fairly easy to assemble and nicely enhance your models.

Tameo 1/43 bodywork stands can be easily had from our friends at Grand Prix Models. You can find them right here.

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