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Great U.S. race track tees

Where you’ve been and where you’re headed

If you are the average racing fan, you probably pick up one of the track-offered tee shirts somewhere along the way. It’s both a souvenir and a testimony to where you’ve been. Go to a very special track and it becomes something of a bragging right. Below we’ve picked out ten great U.S. race track tees. Most tracks offer many more tees and other souvenirs, so be sure to visit the track links at the bottom of the page.

Classic endurance tracks

Road atlanta & sebringSebring offers the 12 Hour race and Road Atlanta the 10 hour Petite LeMans. Sebring is an old-school track that offers close views of high-speed racing. The track tests both car and drivers to the max due to its rough surface. During normal times the race falls during Spring Break, becoming a massive party which is a show in itself. Their tee offers a terrific track map and associated facts.

Road Atlanta opened in 1970 and has evolved into one of the most challenging tracks in the USA. The turns are both high speed or tight, blind or a test of your guts. It’s wonderful to drive and an annual rite of Autumn since Petite LeMans is the closing race of the IMSA season. The Road Atlanta tee is similar to Sebring’s with a track map and pertinent track facts.

Grand Prix tracks new and old

Great U.S. race track tees cota & watkins teesCircuit of the Americas has become the home of the US Grand Prix for several years now. F1 drivers love the newest pro track in the country for its layout. Race fans love it for the location near Austin, Texas. The views are expansive, especially from the tall viewing tower that has become it’s landmark. 

Watkins Glen was the home of the USGP for so many years, ending in 1980. It’s a great driving track built into the side of a hill, rising and falling with the scenery. Still the home for the 6 Hour IMSA race, as well as an annual visit by NASCAR for one of the Cup’s few roadraces. 

Both tees shown come from the same source and have similar layouts with track layouts.

The twisty tracks

Great U.S. race track tees vir & laguna secaThe next four tracks define “technical”, which means full of curves and in need of skilled driving to maximize lap times. VIR in Virginia and Laguna Seca in California are challenging in the extreme. The high-speed rising esses and thrilling downhill section ending in the Hogpen final turn onto the pit straight test driver’s faith in their car’s setup. Classic Laguna Seca is best known for the Corkscrew and amazing events every year. The VIR tee is a simple track layout while the Laguna tee is pretty arty.

Great U.S. race track tees mid ohio & barberMid-Ohio and Barber Motorsports Park host Indy Cars each year, with the addition of IMSA at Mid-Ohio as well. The MId-Ohio shirt is a nice topographic layout of the track while Barber breaks the mold with a technical drawing of the Lotus 49. Barber has one of the best museums in the country featuring an expansive Lotus and motorcycle collection.

Great U.S. race track tees daytona & sonomaFinishing up, we go from coast to coast. Daytona is well known for NASCAR races and equally famous for the season-opening IMSA 24 Hour grind. Both Daytona and Sonoma are owned by NASCAR and of course have Cup races. Sonoma also has a drag strip and hosts a bevy of interesting roadraces.

Track layouts and track names keep the graphics simple and to the point.

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