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Great Chaparral Can-Am collectibles

For you or your collection

Jim Hall’s wonderful Chaparral cars were the great American hope in the Can-Am series and then in Europe’s long distance races. If you love those great white race cars, there’s a few Chaparral Can-Am collectibles that you might like.

Apparel and accessories

chaparral can-am collectibles umbrellachaparral can-am collectibles shirtFrom Retro Motoring comes a whole collection of Chaparral goodies. Top of the list are the white Chaparral umbrella and tee shirt. That umbrella will be great for Watkins Glen rain or Laguna Seca sun. Make a statement at the Monterey Historics, LeMans or Silverstone Classic races with a Chaparral logo tee. The distinctive and historic roadrunner logo is recognizable around the world. It says America, ingenuity and Chevrolet all at the same time.

chaparral can-am collectibles key chainPerhaps you are more of a “subtle” kind of person. Then you might like the Chaparral key chain. It says you’re hip to the whole Chaparral Can-Am thing but don’t need to scream it at anybody.

chaparral can-am collectibles decalsIf you are one of those that have plastered your toolbox with decals, then you must have a Chaparral decal. It’s available in both white and black versions. If you’re getting a new white Corvette C8, hang a black Chaparral decal or three in the right places. Confuse other Corvette owners. Knowledge is power.

Slippery, white, bewinged

replicarz chaparral 2h chaparral can-am collectiblesReplicarz has recently been granted permission by Jim Hall to model all of the Chaparral racing cars. Based on the example set by the sold-out 1/18th scale Chaparral 2K Indy winner, the rest of the series should be a solid hit. Coming soon are two of the most intriguing Chaparral Can-Am cars, the 2H and 2J in 1/18th scale.

The 1969 Chaparral 2H explored a hole in the Can-Am rules that stated that a coupe could be entered, but must have side windows. The 2H was made narrow for straight line speed with the driver laying down and his head barely peeking over the windscreen. The only rear end that Hall could squeeze under the narrow car was based on a DeDion design. It didn’t work particularly well. Sporting just one large rear spoiler early on, it sprouted an additional, rediculously massive, mid-wing at Laguna Seca. It didn’t help, but it looked really wild. The fans loved it.

Bulbous, white, wings unnecessary

replicarz chaparral 2j chaparral can-am collectiblesHall went the other way for 1970. Instead of trying to have a car slip through the air efficiently for great top speed, Hall went for ultimate traction through the corners. The Chaparral 2J was dubbed the “Suction Car” because of the two giant fans located at the rear of the car. Powered by an accessory snowmobile engine, it combined with a air-sealing skirt system to suck the car into the ground. A product of the Chevrolet racing back door, it was said the 2J has enough suction to run on a ceiling upside down without falling! Ultimately, like the 2H before it, the 2J couldn’t buy a win but the fans loved it.

There is no indication at this time whether either 1/18th model in the Replicarz Exclusives line will have opening features or be sealed models. Either way, they are great Chaparral Can-Am collectibles.

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