Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 short story

On your bucket list?

There are a few car events that are on most fans’ “must go” list. The Indy 500, LeMans 24 Hours, Daytona 500 and the Monterey Historics. A relatively recent addition to the list is the Goodwood Festival of Speed and/or the Goodwood Revival. Our intrepid photographer, “World Traveler”, has just come back from the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019. He tells us that “YOU HAVE TO GO!”

WT assures us that it is one fantastic event. Race cars you’ve electric mustang at goodwood festival of speed 2019always wanted to see, but didn’t. Timed runs up the fabled hill by new and historic race cars. Drift cars drifting. A rally stage being tested by great rally cars. The occasional drag car. Premieres of new street cars and some other odd/wonderful cars. The Goodwood Fetival of Speed 2019 had all but the drag cars.

pagani at goodwood festival of speed 2019One of the odd cars is the electrified Mustang at left. This car should pump V8 noise through the speakers anyway.

A wonderful car that showed up is the Pagani at right. With a carbonfiber body and other materials to bring the weight down, it turned a super fast lap on the Top Gear test track. The time is shown right on the front bodywork. That’s WT in the pink shirt. He’s obviously very clever. He’s able to pose for this shot while taking the photo! If you should see WT at a car event, give him a big hug.

Enjoy the selected photos from Goodwood below.

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