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Gas, oil & car company signs for your car cave

History, art and quality in steel and ceramic

dunlop tires promotional sign reproductionPetrol heads have been collecting and displaying vintage gas, oil & car company signs in their garages and offices for years. The truly old, original ones are huge and carry huge price tags too. Throw in hard to find, and for most folks, well….forget it.

There are some which are printed on thin tin metal. Most sell for around $10 or so. Avoid these unless you are on an extreme budget! Some look fine, but they generally look and feel very cheap quality.

The trick is to seek out the quality reproductions. Ceramic-coated heavy duty steel signs look and feel quality, for just a little more outlay. These will last quite a long time, whether displayed indoors or out. Kept outside in the elements, some of the signs may show some minor rusting. Some say that just adds to the vintage feeling of the signs.

texaco star ceramic sign by garageart.comSelection is enormous. While our focus here is only on car-oriented signs, there are plenty of other categories to choose from. Soda brands, beer brands, airplanes, boats of all sizes, food, roads, and so much more. Many of these signs have been worked into clocks for your car cave as well.

We found all of the examples shown on They have a great selection of gas, oil & car company signs, as well as many other categories. Check out the extra large petrol signs and quirky/funny signs for the home. Neon signs. Clocks, both unlit and neon. Banners and all manner of garage gear.

See the gallery below for some of our prime sign picks.
Go to for the full selection of signs they have on offer.
Many more collectible choices for your garage or office, found right here.

Gallery of vintage gas, oil & car company signs from