Fun model cars by Fine Work

Seriously warped kits that are pretty accurate!

Can a warped and stumpy model car be accurate at the same time? The answer is Yes when they are made by the Japanese company Fine Work,  The models pictured herein and below are huge fun unto themselves. To most they will look like toys, but the model kits are wonderful recreations that remain true to the real thing.

A wide variety of cars have been replicated by Fine Work. They are patterned after and sized like a popular toy line from Choro Q. Truncated push-around-the-floor toys at that!

All of your favorites are here. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you how large these models are. I just know I have to get some. My collection of 600-700 model cars features several pieces that are just for fun. Are they accurate? I don’t care. I just know that they bring a smile to all that see them. 

bmw stella model cars by fine workWhere you gonna find a Stella BMW Art Car?

Look closely. The “millimeter” paint scheme that Frank Stella created for the BMW Art Car series is pretty well replicated here. You have to think that an artist created an accurate version of the decals and then squished it together to fit the model car. All of the details are there. Since there are few if any other choices outside of the long out of production Provence Moulage kit, this is your choice. This is the version that ran at Dijon and not the LeMans car. I can live with that.

porsche 917 kit model cars by fine workJudging by the many sold out model cars by Fine Work that sell from Japan, they are very well received. The kits are pretty simple things with few parts. There is no interior or clear window parts. Instructions appear to be non-existent. If you have built any model kit, this should be….wait for it….kid’s play.

The selection is fantastic!

A heck of a lot of your favorite race and street cars have been produced. Many are sold out. However many others are available for pre-order or notification upon stocking. This Porsche 917 kit replicates the first Porsche to win LeMans in 1970. You’ll also find BMWs, Ferraris, Mercedes’, Lotuses, Lambos, Lancias, Corvettes and Cobras. They’re all amazingly on point. I can definitely see a new kind of collection being started…..

See the selection below and then start ordering!

The only outlet I have found for these is Hobby Search in Japan. Most model kits are around $35. They also have a pretty good stock of Japan-only models. Shipping is not too bad either. So have some fun. Seriously!

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