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Ford vs Ferrari on your wall

Affordable 3D art that’s surprisingly good 

By now, every racing fan is familiar with the Ford vs Ferrari movie. The fact that it has a plot, and a good one at that, makes it one of the best racing movies ever made. Here’s your chance to put Ford vs Ferrari on your wall.

chaparral can-am ford vs ferrari on your wallRegular readers of this site will be familiar with my love of racing art. Occasionally something pretty darned unique comes around. Presented here is a bunch of terrific 3D wall hangings that replicate famous race cars. Constructed from thick aluminum sheet. The metal is coated with polyester resin artwork and baked at 400 degrees for long-lasting durability inside or out. The metal is formed to replicate bodywork and the art on it reinforces the 3D effect. Truly unique automobilia that literally stand out!

jim clark lotus ford vs. ferrari on your wallTake your pick of several different iterations

Not only can you put Ford vs Ferrari on your wall, but also F1 cars, Indy cars, Can-Am, LeMans, classic Trans-Am, Rally and Funny Cars. The selection is truly staggering, the art well done. There’s a slew of Lotus F1 cars as well as Ferrari and McLaren.

senna mclaren ford vs. ferrari on your wallSome are available as mostly complete side views of the cars, complete with wing. The pieces are constructed so that they stand out from the wall, which enhances the 3D effect even further. This Marlboro McLaren would look great in your man cave or anywhere else for that matter. A similar Schumacher Ferrari is also available.

Speaking of F1 Ferraris, the Gilles Villeneuve 312T4 looks outstanding as does an Amon 312. There’s also a 312T and lots of Schumacher versions.

Indy, Can-Am or Trans-Am your passion? Read on

stp brawner hawkford vs. ferrari on your wallThe selection is terrific. Mario Andretti is given his due with the immortal Brawner Hawk. His Newman-Haas days also come in for respect.

Jim Hall’s Chaparrals get respect in Can-Am (above) and Indy 2K form. You’ll also find Mark Donahues’s Penske Javelin and Camaro here too.

shell gas price signRetro oil and gas signs spoken here as well

I found many of these, including old gas price signs. You are very grey-haired if you remember prices like those!

nurburgring direction signYou may not know the way to San Jose, but the way to the Nurburgring, Spa and LeMans will be crystal clear. Signs also point the way to bodily relief with classic gas station bathroom signs.

The upshot to all of this great art

Prices are very reasonable. The selection is daunting. Shipping is cheap.

The holidays are coming. Any one of the available signs would make a great gift for yourself or your favorite car-crazed friend.

The best part is that the shopping is one-stop and delivered right to your door.

Start the fun right here.

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